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Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta

So, I haven’t been able to pump out SNES reviews as quickly as I would have liked. I started on Final Fantasy IV (SNES Final Fantasy II) and just couldn’t get into it. I’ll...

Arkanoid: Doh It Again Review 1

Arkanoid: Doh It Again Review

– I’m probably not going to finish this game, there are 99 stages and sitting through just one is pretty painful – The intro has a surprising amount of story:

ActRaiser Review 1

ActRaiser Review

– I changed the battery on this board, it wasn’t saving anymore. Changing the battery was terrifying, I was convinced the battery was going to explode if the solder got too hot. – The...

Super Castlevania IV Review 0

Super Castlevania IV Review

– The controls don’t always feel tight. – The jumping physics seem odd, even in the SNES era. Can change directions but still feels stiff. – No battery, game uses a password system. 4×4...

RETRO Game Magazine 0

RETRO Game Magazine

I love video game magazines. I also love retro games. Putting the two together and creating a retro gaming magazine might be the best thing, ever. Unfortunately it’s 2013 which means there aren’t a...

Capcom Makes 150 Gold DuckTales NES Cartridges 0

Capcom Makes 150 Gold DuckTales NES Cartridges

To promote their newly released DuckTales Remastered, Capcom sent out 150 gold DuckTales NES cartridges to the press. It’s the same game with a gold painted cartridge and updated label. While it may not...

SNES Repro – Secret of Mana 2 1

SNES Repro – Secret of Mana 2

Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) was the first reproduction I purchased and has really drawn me into the whole reproduction world. I’m a huge fan of the original Secret of Mana, it’s...

SNES Repro – Treasure of the Rudras 1

SNES Repro – Treasure of the Rudras

Lately I’ve been into purchasing reproduction SNES carts on eBay or through 3rd party sites like Timewalk Games. “What in the hell are reproduction SNES carts” you’re probably asking. Well, basically, these individuals/companies are...