Yeah, Simcity 5 is Real

As the world predicted. Kind of excited about the idea of multiplayer, I could see that working pretty well.

I don’t understand what tilt-shift means. I figured it out. I really like the idea of ruining some smug super genius city planners perfectly designed utopia filled with highly educated physicists just because he happens to be adjacent to my crime-filled wreck. I like to imagine my chief exports will be meth and prostitutes. Sim physicists a) have a lot of money and b) like to party.

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Going To Start Updating Again

I’m going to try to start updating the site again, with a focus on:

  • Reviews.
  • Retro games.
  • Rants about how retro games are better then the shit coming out now.

Stuff like this I really like and I want to try to put up my own articles like that (not that I necessarily agree with everything and the absolute conclusions he comes to, A Link to the Past is amazing and not the beginning of the end, but I do think Skyward Sword was a horrible game for so many reasons and I’m genuinely amazed it received such good reviews). I also like how he wrote a short story called “It’s a Secret to Everybody”. I’m not going to write short stories, though. I didn’t even read his story, I just like the name. I can’t wait for the sequel, “Let’s Play Money Making Game.”

I also enjoy articles like this, comparing Final Fantasy XII-2 to Star Wars episodes I through III.

So, I’m going to attempt to do more like that, more in-depth, not just regurgitated news items anyone could read anywhere.

Also, maybe some sort of logo or something, and styling updates. Trying to find a better font. Went with a default 13px “Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif. Also, I need to figure out the how to do curly apostrophes because I think that’s the right way to do it. That’s what says, which may seem a little overly specialized for a website, but I totally believe what they say. Also, do I italicize game titles, quote them, what? Do I put the punctuation inside the quotation marks or outside?

Also, probably going to remove all the online gambling ads. Full Tilt Poker’s domain seems to be seized by the FBI which makes me scared.

So, yeah, going to try to be better. Going to put the “awesome” in “awesome radical”.

Microsoft Raises Price On Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions; My Xbox Breaks, Again

In a move sure to piss off the entire Internet, Microsoft has decided to raise prices on their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions starting November 1. Yearly subscriptions have gone up $10, to $59.99. All the other subscriptions have been adjusted accordingly:

– 1-Month Gold Subscription – $9.99 (was $7.99)
– 3-Month Gold Subscription – $24.99 (was $19.99)
– 12-Month Gold Subscription – $59.99 (was $49.99)

Microsoft is quick to point out all the awesome services provided by Live Gold, including:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Video Kinect (video chat with Kinect)
– Hulu Plus
– Netflix

All of which are not exactly great selling points for me, personally, as I don’t use any of them. I already have a computer connected to the T.V. allowing most of those features, I don’t plan on getting Kinect because the last thing I want to do is move around while playing games, etc. I’m not really sure why it should cost me $60 just to connect to other Xbox 360 users to play games, I honestly don’t even feel like $50 is a fair price, $40 is more reasonable. I think at this point Microsoft should introduce tiered pricing because I really only want to play games online and cross-game chat with friends.

On top of all that, I can’t use any of the services right now because my Xbox broke, AGAIN. It’s the same issue I had the first time, the three red lights error (“red ring of death”) that has caused so many problems for so many other Xbox 360 users. It honestly has to be one of the worst feelings in the world to come home on a Friday night ready to play games and having your console break on you.

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COO Of Capcom Mark Beaumont Passes Away

Capcom announced that its chief operating officer for North America and Europe, Mark Beaumont, died this morning.

Our COO and dear friend, Mark Beaumont, passed away this morning. This sudden loss has left us with deep sadness. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones. We will remember him for his humor, passion and commitment to Capcom and our industry. He was a great leader and visionary and his spirit will carry on in everything that we do. Please join us in memory of Mark.

Borderlands Will Be Available On Steam, Have Additional Features

Borderlands Will Be On Steam!

It has been confirmed today that Borderlands will be released for download on Steam. Steve Gibson of Gearbox also noted some additional details about the PC version of the game. First, the PC graphics will be the best out of all versions of the game (provided your computer can handle turning the graphics all the way up). Also, if you find a sweet gun and want to show it off to all your friends, the PC version allows users to export the item cards to .jpg files. Finally, the menus and UI is specifically designed to work with a mouse, which is great.

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