Magic The Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers Review

Magic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers Review

I used to play Magic the Gathering a long, long time ago…it’s one of my many dorky pastimes. When I saw that a Magic the Gathering game had come out on Xbox Live Arcade, I decided to give it a shot and see if the game was as fun as I remember. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, the game was pretty easy to get back into since the rules really haven’t changed much in the 10 odd years since I played last. While Duels Of The Planeswalkers doesn’t have flashy graphics or over the top animations, it makes up for it through standard Magic the Gathering game play (and I think that’s what I like most about the game, it doesn’t try to do more then it is). Duels Of The Planeswalkers sticks to the basics of the card game and doesn’t go much beyond that, which is all I really want with a Magic game.

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