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Nintendo 2010 Line-Up 0

Nintendo 2010 Line-Up

Pretty interesting list of games. I think I’m most looking forward to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey from Atlus on the DS (March 10). Capcom also has some pretty good games coming: Tatsunoko Vs....

Okami Sequel Coming To DS 0

Okami Sequel Coming To DS

The sequel to Capcom’s Okami, Okamiden will be coming to the DS next year. Gameplay will be similar to the PS2 version, players will draw out characters with the in-game brush, this time using...

Now Playing: 06/28/09 0

Now Playing: 06/28/09

I haven’t done a “Now Playing” in like a year and a half, so I figured “why not randomly do one today”. Yesterday, I upgraded to a DSi and have been playing a ton...