Earthbound Bound For Virtual Console?

Earthbound Coming to Virtual Console

Well, it looks like it could be happening…I never thought it would (Nintendo of America refused to bring over any of the GBA Mother games so I figured it was the end of the series for me), but it looks like Nintendo might be bringing Earthbound stateside via the Virtual Console. The ESRB has recently given a rating to the Super Nintendo classic Earthbound. If you haven’t played it, you should, because its pretty radical. Any game that takes place in the year “199X” is good. The ESRB gave it an “E” for everyone.

Hopefully we’ll get Mother 1 and 3 some day (Earthbound is Mother 2, it’s sort of like the Final Fantasy III / VI thing).

Fable 2 – Co-op

Fable 2 Online Co-op Announced

Peter Molyneux announced two new features for Fable 2 this week at the GDC. This first and most radical is co-op play. At any time you can jump into a friends single player game, play for awhile, and leave, keeping all the items and experience you get. I love co-op play and games, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me, I really want this game now.

The other feature is eh, whatever…a few weeks prior to the release of Fable 2, Lionhead will release a XBLA game. This game will feature all sorts of gambling mini games.All the money you earn in the games can then be transfered over to your character in Fable 2 once it’s released. Apparently the only way you can earn money in the game is to either work for it, or win it by gambling. I mean, I guess that makes sense right, because yeah why do monsters have gold on them or whatever, but just because it’s more realistic does that make it more fun? I have no clue.

I also found a Fable 2 facts sheet on the Xbox press site, which you can view below…
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