Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Confirmed

FFXII Release Date December 17

Square Enix confirmed today that Final Fantasy XIII will be out on December 17th at a Japanese press event. That’s in Japan, Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada did talk briefly about the international release, though:

“In the past, it’s taken a year or half a year to release our games abroad, but this time we are aiming for an international release this Spring”.

Not too bad I guess, especially considering it’s priced at 9240 yen with tax, which works out to be about $100 USD, which is crazy. At least we’ll be paying a bit less.

Level 5’s Fantasy Life

Level 5 Fantasy Life

Level 5 revealed there newest title today for the DS, Fantasy Life. Graphically it looks similiar to Mother 3, mostly because Brownie Brown, who worked with HAL on the game, are developing Fantasy Life. Interestingly, Nobuo Uematsu is doing the soundtrack, and he also did the soundtrack for Mother 3. Even more intriguing is the premise of the game, or lack thereof. The goal in the game is to “to live”, making it seem like an RPG, Animal Crossing mix. You begin the game by choosing your name, gender, appearance, and occupation. There are about 20 different occupations, including dancer, miner and treasure hunter. Each day you get new quests depending on your job. Sounds pretty interesting, I can’t wait to see what lies in store for the dancer career. It also sounds like the perfect game for Robert, he’s always just trying to “live his life.”

New Mass Effect Achievements, DLC On The Way

New Mass Effect Achievements

Three new achievements have been listed for Mass Effect, pretty much guaranteeing that new DLC will be on the way, soon. The way the achievements are listed seems to hint at an arena-type DLC, with the new area being called Pinnacle Station:

  • Undisputed: Complete Ahern’s survival mission (50 Gamerscore)
  • New Sheriff in Town: Take first place in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station (50)
  • Best of the Best: Take first place in 12 combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station (50)

Blizzard Reveals 4th Diablo III Class, The Monk

Diablo III Monk Revealed

Blizzard announced the 4th Diablo III class at Blizzcon this weekend. The Monk is described as a fragile, fast moving melee character, in contrast to the Barbarian which is more of tank. The class uses a fighting system different from the other three class, adding a bit more depth to the melee moves. Each Monk skill has different stages that can be chained together in any order to create different effects. Seems pretty awesome actually, instead of just spamming the same skills over and over again, you’ll actually have to think about what order your clicking the skills in.

From Kotaku:

They went over some Monk skills, like the Way of the Hundred Fists. The power features three clicks of the same power that transitions from a single attack to a massive AOE. Then there’s Crippling Wave, which first slows the enemy, then reduces damage to the Monk. Each skill seems to have different stages. In Exploding Palm, the first and second hits do damage, the 3rd adds a damage-over-time effect, and, if the enemy dies by this DOT, it explodes.

The powers can be combined….so stage one of one power can be switched to stage two of the next and stage three of the next. The different combinations should make for many unique strategies.

You can read more details here and the gameplay trailer is below…

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Fable III Announced

Fable III (3) Announced

Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux announce Fable III this morning at Germany’s Gamescom. This time around, instead of being a hero, players will become the king (or queen) of Albion and rule over the land, choosing to be either a kindhearted ruler or ruthless tyrant. For the first half of the game, players will be working to overthrow the current tyrant king, gaining support from the masses by promising all kinds of great stuff (I’m guessing stuff like free snack machines, tax cuts or universal health care). The second half of the game involves either keeping, or breaking, all those promises.

Molyneux also revealed that Fable II is to be re-released as an episodic, pay-per-chapter title (broken up into five chapters). The new version will be available on September 29. The first chapter is free, and at the end you’ll be given the option to pay to download the next chapter. I don’t know why they would do something like this, way after the fact, seeing as how the full game is relatively cheap now ($34.99 used at Gamestop, probably cheaper on eBay).

Below is a disappointingly short Fable III trailer…

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Persona 3 Coming to PSP

Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 will be coming to the PSP this year, with Persona 3 Portable. From the pictures, it looks like you’ll be able to choose between playing the game as a male or female. The game will be out in Japan on November 1. No other details are available currently, and no word on a U.S. release (but it’s Atlus, so I’m guessing it’ll make it’s way here soon).

[ Kotaku ]

DS Getting New Shin Megami Tensei Game

Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey

The DS will be getting a new Shin Megami Tensei game, entitled Strange Journey. The story seems to focus around a team sent to investigate the Sout Pole, which is covered in a “mysterious matter.” The main character oddly looks like someone out of Dead Space.

Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey is scheduled for an October 8th release date in Japan and is priced at ¥6,279 (about $67, which is insane). As of yet, there is no word on a U.S. release, but knowing Atlus they’ll probably bring the game over.

[ Kotaku ]