Valve Updates Portal, Adds New Achievement, Mystery

Normally it’s not a big deal when someone updates a game and adds a single new achievement (Transmission Received), but it’s Valve and Portal might be one of my favorite games of all time. I also love a crazy video game mystery, which it turns out this update is. Along with the achievement Valve also added in a bunch of radios through out the game, probably in reference to the achievement, with Morse code and what sounds like a bunch of random noise. Not that interesting, but then people decoded the Morse code (the sound files are all called Dinosaur 1, 2, etc. so that’s what they are referencing):

1-Dinosaur 1


EXTERNAL DATA LINE ACTIVE (Presumably the telnet number)


2-Dinosaur 5


(Which sanitysama says is “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”)

3-Dinosaur 12




4-Dinosaur 17












And if you turn all those Beeps into individual morse code it spells LOL.

– The other 22 are all images after decoding with SSTV software. Click for a Steam Forums thread with all of them.

– Some of the images clue letters/numbers; each has a number out of 32 in the bottom right of it. Putting these together leads to an md5 hash of a BBS number. Figuring out the login is what we’re currently stuck on.

Getting interesting, but not amazing. It started to get really good when another poster decided to run the stuff that sounded like random noise (not the Morse code) through a program called SSTV (I don’t know what that is) and got a bunch of random images.

dinosaur2 –
dinosaur3 –
dinosaur4 –
dinosaur6 –
dinosaur7 –
dinosaur8 –
dinosaur9 –
dinosaur10 –
dinosaur11 –
dinosaur13 –
dinosaur14 –
dinosaur15 –
dinosaur16 –
dinosaur18 –
dinosaur19 –
dinosaur20 –
dinosaur21 –
dinosaur22 –
dinosaur23 –
dinosaur24 –
dinosaur25 –
dinosaur26 –

So, that’s pretty awesome, Valve didn’t put in random noise it’s actually images. And someone far smarter then me figured it out. Even better, some of the images had numbers and letters on them. Combined, they formed an MD5 hash, which normally you shouldn’t be able to decode (that’s the point), but somehow someone figured it out (Googling the hash is a good start for common passwords). Turns out it’s a phone number, specifically a number to a computer running BBS that you can Telnet to. The number is (425) 822-5251 which (apparently someone looked this up, too) is located in Kirkland, Washington. Don’t call it from a standard phone, it won’t do anything, and you’ll just clog up the machine for people trying to figure out the login. No one is sure yet what the login / password is.

I more amazed that people figured all of that out in less than 24 hours.

Team Fortress 2 – The War Update

Team Fortress 2 - The War Update

Team Fortress 2’s latest update will add three new weapons for the Demoman and Soldier as well as new maps and achievements. The interesting thing about this update is that either the Demoman or Soldier will get an additional weapon. Users “vote” who should get the weapon by either playing as the Demoman and killing as many Soldiers as possible, or killing Demomen while playing as a Soldier. It’s an interesting concept, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I think I’d rather the Soldier get the additional weapon, not that they’re bad, but I think they would benefit most from additional versatility.

Still no word on when, if ever, the console versions of the game will get these updates.

[ TF2 Blog ]

Battlefield Heroes Hits 2 Million Players


EA’s free to play online third-person shooter Battlefield Heroes has officially registered over 2 million players. To celebrate, EA is releasing a free “Heroes of the Fall” update for the game on September 30, which includes a new map.

Full press release, below…

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