Devil May Cry 4 Collector’s Edition Details

Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition Details

I love this collector’s edition trend in video games. It’s like the developers are thinking “Well…if we have a collector’s edition, people will think it’s a good game…let’s throw in some art book or some crap.” Unfortunately , I buy into it every single time. I don’t care what it is, as long as the game case says “Collector’s Edition” on it somewhere, I’ll shell out that extra $10.

Devil May Cry 4, however, is a pretty big title, so I would expect a collector’s edition…February 5th can’t come soon enough. Here’s what you get: Continue reading Devil May Cry 4 Collector’s Edition Details

Xbox Live Down for Maintenance

Microsoft has announced that they will be taking down Xbox Live tonight for some scheduled maintenance. Live will be down from 1:00 AM to 2:00 PST. However…I can’t login to Xbox live right now, which is why I’m posting this. What the hell is this? It’s only 9:45 PM EST. The Xbox Live site seems to be down, as well. Damn you Microsoft!

This is almost as annoying as when the World of Warcraft servers would go down for maintenance. Almost.

Get Mass Effect Early!

Mass Effect Broken Release Date

Kmart seems to have broken the release date for Mass Effect, selling the game 10 days early. If you’re dying to play the game, it’s worth a shot. Head over to your nearest Kmart before someone gets smart and pulls them all off the shelf.

If only I knew of a Kmart around here, I would totally be there. Read more about the broken release date here and here.

Halo 3 Adding “Zombies” to Playlist for Halloween

That’s right, from 12:01 AM on October 31 to 3:00 AM on November 1 anyone playing mutiplayer games may randomly get an “Infection” game. Infection gameplay is simple: one person starts as a zombie, and as he kills people, gains more and more zombies to slaughter the remaining players. You know, like how it is when zombies attack. How awesome is that? Totally. Continue reading Halo 3 Adding “Zombies” to Playlist for Halloween

Gamestop No Longer Selling Xbox 360 Replacement Plans

Gamestop No Longer Offering Xbox 360 Replacement Plans

Wow, I guess Xbox 360’s break so much that Gamestop has stopped offering replacement plans. I know after I write this mine is going to break, too. It already did the thing where it didn’t turn on and was blinking with 4 red lights. I can’t wait for the 3 red lights…I know it’s coming…

This is worse then being on video game deathrow. Atleast then you know when it’s coming. I won’t know until it’s too late. I bet it will break right before, or soon after Mass Effect. And then, seriously, I might cry. I can’t wait weeks to get the system back, that would suck.

Here’s the whole story.