I Think the Site is No Longer Hacked

After a traditionally long absence I’ve decided to randomly start posting on Awesome Radical Gaming again. Because, why not? I was inspired by Will Smith, long story. I think I also fixed the very much hacked RSS feed. I don’t understand how it is that WordPress always gets hacked. The plugins? I don’t know, or care, but it’s a major pain in the ass every single time. Going forward I’m going to use Github for revisioning and backup the site regularly so this kind of thing won’t happen again (or if it does, I can easily restore it).

Other then that I really have nothing exciting to say, except that you should check out this video for Chroma Squad, a manager game with japanese-style super heroes. From the people that brought us Knights of Pen and Paper.

You should also know that I’ve become much more obsessed with board games lately, mostly due to Kickstarter. And that I’ve been collecting SNES Rom hack carts, or Japanese ROMs that were patched with English translations, then put onto a cart. It’s the shady underworld of SNES collecting.

Epic Astro Story is Very Awesome

Epic Astro Story is an amazing combination of everything I love: city builder, space and RPG.

You’re in charge of a space colony on an alien planet. You recruit people named after Star Trek characters like Gordi Forge, Wes Smasher, Bones McGee, James Turk and Pavlov Hekov. You send them on away missions. You level them up. You research new technologies and level up their weapons and equipment. Best of all, they participate in massive battles against space aliens as you explore more of your own planet, or of alien planets.

I think Kirosoft is the only mobile app development company I actually like. While I’ve played other Kirosoft games before, this one is by far and away my favorite one. Available for iOS and Android.

April Fool’s Day Round Up

For me, April Fool’s day and video games don’t mix well most of the time. A lot of the jokes feel really tired or forced. Like, everyone feels the need to do something, funny or not.

However, IGN’s Mass Effect 3 cartoon is pretty amazing a) because I’d rather play that game and b) I feel like they had to put some real time into getting someone to animate a fake cartoon.

Then, there’s stuff like Rock Band Board Game which made me feel embarrassed.

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Reason 95 Why Final Fantasy 6 is the Most Awesome: Ultros

Ultros is a recurring bad guy in Final Fantasy VI. He is a delusional, carnivorous octopus. He’s not all bad, though. He tells cheesy jokes and hits on female party members. People like him so much they do cross stitches with him in them. He’s so loved, he is going to appear DLC in Final Fantasy XIII-2. A much cuter version of him is also in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

In fact, he appears in a lot of other Final Fantasy games.


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I Feel Like Super Nintendo Games Are Just Getting More Expensive

My dream is to some day own Star Fox: Super Weekend but, at prices like these, that’s just never going to happen. I can accept that, it’s actually rare. But why is Earthbound now going for an average of about $150? Why are you so expensive, Mega Max X3? Chrono Trigger, available on I don’t know how many systems now, for over a $100 (around $50 cartridge alone) seems crazy to me. They’re all not technically rare, why do prices keep going up, especially considering some of them are available on other systems?

I really regret selling a lot of what I had, I’d make a ton of money now.

There are a bunch of bootleg games that are going for pretty good prices, too. Where did “The Legend Of Zelda Parallel Worlds” come from? I need to figure out how to do this and get rich, quick, because it can’t be that difficult.

Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

Old news, Peter Molyneux has left Lionhead Studios to join a new start up 22 Cans. I think it’s a good thing, as a) I just never liked the Fable series and b) I feel like they just had to keep creating Fable sequels instead of doing new and interesting things, which is what Mr. Molyneux is best at. Anyway, really enjoyed watching these videos. I want to play Populous again.

Also, this is the second video I’ve seen in the past couple of months showcasing an entrepreneur talking about how, when they were younger, they tricked their friends into working for them doing some sort of yard work while they sat back and got all the money. This rubs me the wrong way for some reason. “I’ve just always been much smarter then everyone else, I’m such a great business person and this funny allegory about me being a dick to my friends just proves it! Hahahaha.” I don’t know why this bothers me so much, I wasn’t a victim of anything like this. I sold golf balls lost in the rough back to golfers, but no one employed me to do this.

Also, be sure to follow Peter Molydeux on Twitter.

Game where you control a full stop. Enemies read you stories you and you have to jump in between words at the right time

Try to imagine a game in which you have an imaginary friend who doesn’t believe you are real, you must convince them that you are.