Knights in the Nightmare – Crinkled Box Art

Knights in the Nightmare Crinkled Box Art

I recently purchased a few Atlus games on the DS, one of which was Knights in the Nightmare. It came packed inside a cardboard box that held the actual plastic DS game case and a bonus CD. When I pulled out the plastic game case I noticed that the outside cover insert is completely damaged, they cut it a bit too large to fit and just jammed it in there, causing it to warp. It kind of pisses me off, Knights in the Nightmare will probably end up being rare (since it’s an Atlus game with a small print run), and I like to keep my games in good condition, especially the rare ones.

And it’s not just me, apparently a few different people have been having this issue:

Atlus Forums

Gamefaqs Forums

And plenty more, just search “knights in the nightmare crinkled” and view the 6,000 or so results.

Mega Man 9’s Awesome Retail Package

If Mega Man 9 wasn’t going to be a download-only release, this is what the packaging would look like. Pretty awesome, I’d totally buy the game for the packaging, alone. They’ll only be making these available to the press, but the post also mentioned they might be making 200 or so available for purchase. Be sure to check out the post (linked below) if you’re interested.

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