Street Fighter Club Event in Brooklyn, NY

What’s a Street Fighter Club event? Apparently, an “evening of free pizza, sodas, an amazing goodie bag and ten Street Fighter IV arcade machines.” At least that’s what happened in L.A. when they held a similar event earlier this year. It took place in some run-down warehouse in an “ultra-sketchy” neighborhood, so there’s a good chance when it comes to Brooklyn it will be in Red Hook and I won’t have travel far. Honestly, I just want to go for the goodie bag. I hope Liz comes with me, because I’m a) scared of run-down warehouses, and b) scared of people cosplaying Street Fighter characters. And playing Street Fighter IV would be fun, too.

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Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted Posters In Brooklyn?

Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted Posters

I feel like I know where this is…but I guess that could be anywhere in Brooklyn, really. I haven’t seen any yet, but when I do I’m taking it for myself. I wonder if anyone who doesn’t know about Grand Theft Auto IV will really get these ads, and if they wouldn’t, what’s the point of advertising to people that already know about the game and are going to get it?