Dead Space Demo Out Today

If you don’t own Dead Space, be sure to check out the demo that’s out today on both Xbox Live and the PSN (in Europe it’s out on the PSN the 27th). It gets the awesome radical seal of approval, if you’re a fan of survival horror games, or just radical games in general, you should definitely check it out.

The demo will be available at the PlayStation®Store in North America and Xbox LIVE® Marketplace worldwide*. In Europe, the demo will be available at the PlayStation Store on November 27th.

Winner of over 27 critic awards and currently nominated for Best Action Adventure Game on Spike TV’s upcoming 2008 Video Game Awards on December 14th, gamers can experience a taste of, as GamePro magazine says, “…one of the best survival horror experiences ever created.” Now, before experimenting on a turkey this Thanksgiving, you can tear the Necromorphs apart limb by limb with four different futuristic mining tools, and Isaac Clarke’s telekinesis and stasis abilities.

Dead Space Review

I admit, initially I wasn’t too pumped about Dead Space. I honestly thought it was just going to be some cheap Doom or Resident Evil rip-off, just another generic game borrowing concepts from other series in hopes of making a quick buck. I was dead (get it?) wrong, Dead Space is an amazing game that will go down as one of my favorites in 2008. Every fan of the survival horror genre should pick this one up, it’s definitely worth it.

In the game you control Isaac, one member of a repair crew sent to investigate the Ishimura (a massive space ship) and determine why communication has been lost with the ship. Once inside, things rapidly go downhill as it seems every one on the ship is either dead, insane, or turned into a horrible monster with an insatiable love of human flesh. From that point on it’s basically Isaac’s job to kill tons of bad guys and fix everything that’s wrong on the ship.

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Dead Space Release Date Pushed Forward?

It’s not often that a video game release date gets moved forward, I honestly can’t remember the last time a game has come out early. Well, until now that is. Dead Space will now officially be coming out on October 14th. And by October 14th I mean shipping on the 14th and you won’t be able to play it until the 15th but for some reason game stores advertise the 14th, which is not awesome but whatever.

They’ve also setup a pretty cool website at

Dead Space Trailer

At first I was thinking Dead Space was just going to be a Doom knock-off. Now I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter, after watching the trailer I don’t think I care one way or another, it looks pretty awesome. Fun fact, apparently this trailer wasn’t approved by the ESRB (that’s why it shows the EU rating at the beginning).

Also, for some reason it sounds like Bjork singing to me. I don’t know how to do the two dots over the ‘o’. Björk. I just figured it out. Just kidding, I just copied that. I searched “Bjork” on Google and got “Björk”. It’s probably totally not her, because I’m wrong about music always. Always. Except this one time, Liz knows, ask her. She might not tell you, though, or mysteriously forget. It really did happen though, seriously.