Blizzard Reveals 4th Diablo III Class, The Monk

Diablo III Monk Revealed

Blizzard announced the 4th Diablo III class at Blizzcon this weekend. The Monk is described as a fragile, fast moving melee character, in contrast to the Barbarian which is more of tank. The class uses a fighting system different from the other three class, adding a bit more depth to the melee moves. Each Monk skill has different stages that can be chained together in any order to create different effects. Seems pretty awesome actually, instead of just spamming the same skills over and over again, you’ll actually have to think about what order your clicking the skills in.

From Kotaku:

They went over some Monk skills, like the Way of the Hundred Fists. The power features three clicks of the same power that transitions from a single attack to a massive AOE. Then there’s Crippling Wave, which first slows the enemy, then reduces damage to the Monk. Each skill seems to have different stages. In Exploding Palm, the first and second hits do damage, the 3rd adds a damage-over-time effect, and, if the enemy dies by this DOT, it explodes.

The powers can be combined….so stage one of one power can be switched to stage two of the next and stage three of the next. The different combinations should make for many unique strategies.

You can read more details here and the gameplay trailer is below…

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Diablo III Announced

I know this news is like a week late, but it’s too important not to post something. Blizzard finally announced Diablo III last week at their 2008 Worldwide Invitational in Paris. Sure, it only took, what eight years, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, I kind of like the fact that Blizzard didn’t just pump out sequels one right after another like other game companies sometimes do. There’s something about waiting for a game to come out that’s ultimately better then getting your hands on it.

Diablo III looks like it’s coming along very nicely. They’ve already announce two (of five) classes, have a cinematic trailer, and a 20 minute game play trailer (you can see both at the official website). The graphics look amazing and the hot bar and potion changes seem great.

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