Etrian Odyssey II MEGA Contest

Etrian Odyssey II Contest

A few weeks ago there was an Etrian Odyssey II contest where you could win the games imported 3-disc soundtrack. That was pretty awesome, but not quite awesome enough. Now there’s another, better, more radical contest. Basically, you write a blog entry on about “your most memorable experience associated with the series.” Like, basically it would be something like this.

Etrian Odyssey was totally awesome. I made a party and named them after my friends. It was fun. Until that first FOE kicked my ass. Then…not so much fun.

Then, if it’s really good, you could win…

  • A SIGNED copy of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
  • A SIGNED copy of the official 3-CD soundtrack (Import)
  • A 6.5″ Female Protector figurine (Import)
  • A copy of the rare Japan-only preorder bonus soundtrack CD
  • A copy of the orchestrated Super Arrange soundtrack CD (Import)

…which is really, really nice actually. More information below:


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Win an Etrian Odyssey II Soundtrack!

Etrain Odyssey II Soundtrack

Atlus has a totally awesome contest going on right now to help promote their upcoming RPG Etrian Odyssey II. Basically you write a story or something and if it’s good you win the 3-disc Etrian Odyssey II soundtrack. Seems pretty rad, I’d love that soundtrack…If your interested, you can go here and participate. My story would be all:

You see a really big and scary dragon in the woods. You are scared. You turn to your party members Greg, Robert, and Liz and are like “Uh, I’m really not sure what to do in this situation. I think we should run.” Greg is like “OK” and Liz agrees, but Robert is stupid and decides we should fight the dragon because we have many fighting abilities to beat him.

Robert casts “Find cheap deal in Best Buy ad”. “Find cheap deal in Best Buy ad” misses Dragon A.
Greg casts “That girl looks hot except her [insert body part] is messed up”. Greg’s attack fails, Dragon A is male.
Mike puts on “Old lacrosse shirt”. Mike gains 1 armor.
Liz drinks a wine! Liz gains 50 HP. Liz’s status changes to slightly drunk.
Dragon A crushes you all.
You die.
Never trust Robert.

I only make fun of Robert because he never reads this. Actually, I think this is a good start to my real life RPG starring all my friends.
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