Preorder The Dawn Of War II Expansion, Get Saints Row 2

I can’t think of two more dissimilar games…if you pre-order The Dawn of War II expansion, Chaos Rising, you’ll get a copy of Saints Row 2 for free. I wonder who came up with that idea. Regardless, free is always good and apparently you can sell sex in Saints Row 2 for respect, which is interesting.

[ Kotaku ]

Sign Up At Rez HD Official Site, Get Rez HD Free (Maybe)

Rez HD For Free

Rez HD will be coming out soon for XBLA (January 30th), and if you don’t want to spend the 800 points on the game, head over to the official Rez HD site, sign up, and be sure to check the “Do you wish to participate in the drawing to win a prepaid code for Rez HD?” I had Rez for the PS2, and it was cool and everything, but I don’t know if I need the HD version of the game, too. I also happened to have a headache one day while I was playing the game a lot, so I think I negatively associate Rez with headaches. Sort of like how I got food poisoning and continued to try and play Mass Effect…I can’t play Mass Effect anymore.

If you don’t know what Rez is…you basically fly around and shoot stuff to music…for a more detailed description see below:
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