Crisis Core – Worst Level Up System, Ever

Crisis Core Level Up Is Horrible I hate You

I love Final Fantasy VII, VII and III (VI) are my two favorite Final Fantasy games to date. So, any new Final Fantasy VII spin-off game that comes out is always something I’m interested in. Anyway, picked it up over my long absence and I’ve pretty much liked everything about it, the battles are pretty fun, the CG scenes are amazing…but the level up system is seriously pissing me off.

Basically, it’s based (largely) on luck. Three wheels spin around in a slot machine fashion, and if all three land on 7, you level up. I understand that there is a hidden experience counter, and you gain experience per enemy killed, and the more experience you get the more likely you are to level up. However, I’ve gone through a couple “Very Hard” ranked missions and not leveled up at all. It’s frustrating because all I have left are “Hard” or “Very Hard” missions, and I’m not gaining any levels going through these really hard missions.

I mean, whose idea was it to, in my opinion, ruin what could have been a great game by throwing this in? Seriously, does anyone like the idea of randomly leveling up?