New Mass Effect Achievements, DLC On The Way

New Mass Effect Achievements

Three new achievements have been listed for Mass Effect, pretty much guaranteeing that new DLC will be on the way, soon. The way the achievements are listed seems to hint at an arena-type DLC, with the new area being called Pinnacle Station:

  • Undisputed: Complete Ahern’s survival mission (50 Gamerscore)
  • New Sheriff in Town: Take first place in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station (50)
  • Best of the Best: Take first place in 12 combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station (50)

I Can’t Get Into Mass Effect

Right before Mass Effect came out I started getting really excited about the game. I had watched all the trailers I could find, read everything that was out there, and it seemed like this was going to be a great game play experience. The Tuesday it came out I picked up the game and couldn’t wait to get home from work to play it. What could go wrong with a Bioware RPG, right?

After playing the game for a few days I’ve completely stopped. I can’t pick it up anymore, all the “little things” wrong with the game had started to add up, and I just wasn’t having fun playing it. I’ve heard the good out weights the bad, but for me it was the opposite.
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Get Mass Effect Early!

Mass Effect Broken Release Date

Kmart seems to have broken the release date for Mass Effect, selling the game 10 days early. If you’re dying to play the game, it’s worth a shot. Head over to your nearest Kmart before someone gets smart and pulls them all off the shelf.

If only I knew of a Kmart around here, I would totally be there. Read more about the broken release date here and here.