Atlus Announces My World My Way

Are you sick of typical RPG’s that have “gender-confused boy heroes with their spikey hair and ginormous swords living out an absurd ultimate fantasy?” Well, apparently, My World My Way is the game for you. Originally released in Japan as The World Revolves Around Me, this totally amazing DS game has you controlling Elise as she runs around doing I don’t know what. She has the ability to change the landscape when it doesn’t suit her, make monsters give more money, and can even make quests solve themselves. As far as I can tell you actually don’t do anything. You just hit the “I Win” button and the game ends, which is a concept Thrasher came up with like 10 years ago. I guess the game just pokes fun at a bunch of RPG clich├ęs, the video game equivalent of Scary Movie.

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