Castle Crashers Future DLC: Chainsaw, Necromancer, the King

Since the release of Castle Crashers there has been a lot of speculation about finding certain weapons or unlocking additional characters. Apparently, while they were testing the game through Xbox Live, someone was able to download the then incomplete game and make a video of themselves playing it. In the video were two additional characters, the necromancer and the king, as well as another weapon, the chainsaw.

A lot of people have been trying to figure out how to unlock them in the now complete game, to no avail. Well, Behemoth has posted on their official Castle Crashers blog to stop looking because, as it turns out, those items are for future DLC through Xbox Live. They also mention that they’re fixing some bugs that have come up, like probably the one that kept disconnecting me from online games.

[ via Castle Crashers Development Blog of Love ]