Patapon Only $19.99

So, I checked the Playstation Blog today and saw a post about how Patapon was going to sell for only $19.99 at release, which is really cheap considering most games release at $39.99. I wonder why they decided to release the game for so cheap…I think the game looks amazing, but I guess it won’t exactly have mass appeal. Patapon is scheduled to ship February 26th.

Patapon US Release Date Announced

I made this post a couple of days, showing a trailer for Patapon. I really liked how it looked and the game play seemed pretty interesting. Well, Sony announced a North American release date for the game (Feb 2008) today which is totally radical. It also details some game play mechanics I was unsure about. The press release talks about how “drumbeats are used to command the Patapons to march, retreat, attack, and defend”, which clarifies that you can enter a series of commands, instead of being prompted by the game to enter specific commands. Here’s the whole press release:
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Patapon is Totally Awesome

Gametrailers simply described the game as “Part rhythm, part action, Patapon!” That’s pretty much all I got out of the video…I have no idea what’s going on, so I did some research. Developed by Interlink, the creators of LocoRoco, Patapon is being released exclusively for the PSP. The player hits certain button sequences in time to create a rhythm. These button sequences then translate to different actions your army will do on screen. I’m not really sure if your army moves forward on it’s own, then the game prompts you with a sequence of buttons, or if you can enter any sequence of buttons you want, which then translate into “Move forward”, “Attack”, etc.
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