Diablo III Announced

I know this news is like a week late, but it’s too important not to post something. Blizzard finally announced Diablo III last week at their 2008 Worldwide Invitational in Paris. Sure, it only took, what eight years, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, I kind of like the fact that Blizzard didn’t just pump out sequels one right after another like other game companies sometimes do. There’s something about waiting for a game to come out that’s ultimately better then getting your hands on it.

Diablo III looks like it’s coming along very nicely. They’ve already announce two (of five) classes, have a cinematic trailer, and a 20 minute game play trailer (you can see both at the official website). The graphics look amazing and the hot bar and potion changes seem great.

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Venetica Announced For 360 And PC

Venetica Announced

Venetica is an upcoming RPG by Deck 13 and DTP Entertainment. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of either of them before, but apparently Deck 13 is a big deal in Germany. In the game you play as death’s daughter, which maybe could be cool but also could end up incredibly lame. The graphics don’t look particularly amazing for a 360 game, either. Honestly, I don’t even know why this is a news story on every game website, I just don’t see why I should care, yet. These two companies haven’t done anything amazing in the past, why is Venetica automatically going to be amazing? The whole press release is below…
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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition COLONIES EDITION Akrid Hunt Video

[flashvideo filename=”wp-content/uploads/2008/05/Akrid_Hunt.flv” /]

Some players control the bugs and try to kill the people, other players shoot at the bugs. I, for one, am intrigued. Actually, could be a pretty cool game mode. I remember in one of the Unreal Tournaments they had a mode where players could all fight against progressively harder waves of computer controlled enemies. It was really fun and I wish more games had stuff like this (like Halo 3, for example). Akrid Hunt really isn’t anything like that at all, but it somewhat reminds me of it. A little.

New Spore Trailer

[flashvideo filename=”wp-content/uploads/2008/05/sporgencellpv10hi.flv” /]

Spore looks totally radical, I can hardly wait for this game. Sure it will probably run like crap on my PC, but that’s fine, I don’t care, it will still be awesome. I actually had this same idea for a game 10 years ago but everyone shot me down and said “Mike, you’re retarded”. Remember to always follow your dreams.

P.S. I encoded this video with flash myself.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Video / Fact Sheet

I always loved playing as the Zerg, something about beating an opponent by swarming them with tons of units was always fun. I can’t wait to hear “Spawn more overlords” over and over again…Starcraft was super awesome. Also, everytime I see a trailer for Starcraft 2 it looks better and better, I’m giving this game 5/5 Awesome Radicals right now.

Updated with a fact sheet about the Zerg units and a direct feed video (gametrailers posted a bunch of new videos) of some Zerg slaughtering Terran:
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Gametrailers TV – Left 4 Dead is Awesome and Radical

After watching this I really want to get Left 4 Dead. Co-op FPS killing tons of zombies, you really can’t go wrong. I don’t know if I could trust Robert to watch my back with zombies around though, you just never know with that guy. The Lego Batman trailer looks interesting, too.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Puzzle Quest: Galatrix

Normally, I’m not really into puzzle games, they just aren’t my thing. Ever since Tetris and Dr. Mario I just haven’t been able to get into them. So, when I picked up Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew it had RPG elements, I just wasn’t sure how it would all come together. Well, it all came together awesomely. In fact, so many people liked it that a sequel is now headed our way. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is set in the future. Instead of round pieces like in the previous game, Galactrix uses hexagonally shaped pieces which play differently then in the original. Also, gravity plays a large role in this game, affecting how pieces move.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Boss Battle Trailer

Bionic Commando: Rearmed looks sweet as hell. Seriously, I don’t understand why there aren’t more 2D side scrolling games released on the latest consoles. Once everything hit 3D, it’s like there was no real going back. Imagine how cool a 2D Castlevania, Mario, or Sonic game would look if they did something like this on a current gen system. But no…it’s like most companies have relegated 2D to handhelds.

I think way more people are excited about Rearmed then the 3D one. I don’t even know what the 3D Bionic Commando remake is called, because I don’t even care. I know it won’t be as sweet as Rearmed, especially with the two player co-op.

Card Sagas Wars – Awesome

Cloud vs. Samus vs. Master Chief, all fighting as super deformed sprites. What more could you want? Card Sagas Wars is a game that uses the M.U.G.E.N engine, a 2D fighting engine that allows users to create backgrounds, characters, and other game objects. I’m suprised Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony hasn’t put a stop to this yet, actually. Nintendo especially seems to frown on “homebrewed” games using their characters. Anyway, the game looks really cool, and whoever did all that artwork did an amazing job. You can check out the official site here.

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Bionic Commando for the NES is basically totally awesome. The Japanese version placed the character in a battle against futuristic Nazis. The final boss was Adolf Hitler, who had been resurrected by evil scientists. Unfortunately, the U.S. version had all of that removed, but it was still a fun game. I remember playing this a lot as a kid and loving it.

This new remake, Bionic Commando Rearmed (available on PC, XBLA, PSN) looks really nice. Seriously, from the video it looks very well done, the graphics look totally sweet. I wonder if it will have all of the future Nazi stuff included. It is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2008. Here’s the whole press release:
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