Warhammer: Battle March Cinematic Trailer

I’ve been interested in Warhammer 40K for awhile now, but never really got into plain old Warhammer. I don’t know why, it just hadn’t done it for me…until now. This trailer really looks nice, I wonder what the actually game play graphics will be like. I honestly knew nothing about the game, so I did a little research.
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Warhammer 40k: Soulstorm Dark Eldar Archon Trailer

Recently I’ve been playing Dawn of War: Dark Crusade a bunch. I really like how many different races there are and the gameplay is just generally very fun. With so many races I wonder how much balance there is overall (I’ve only played the single player campaign, I assume playing online I would notice any imbalances more). Warhammer 40k: Soulstorm will add to the current number of races, featuring two new additions: the Dark Eldar and the Sisters of Battle. The expansion is due out June, 2008.

Wright Says Spore About Six Months Away

If you haven’t heard of Spore yet, it’s Will Wright’s latest awesome game. First Simcity, then The Sims, now…Spore. You basically control every aspect of the evolution of a species from microscopic through ruling the galaxy. The awesomeness doesn’t really come across in one sentence, I know, but it is, trust me.

Anyway, Wright is saying Spore is on track for it’s spring 2008 release. That’s great. Totally radical.