Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

Old news, Peter Molyneux has left Lionhead Studios to join a new start up 22 Cans. I think it’s a good thing, as a) I just never liked the Fable series and b) I feel like they just had to keep creating Fable sequels instead of doing new and interesting things, which is what Mr. Molyneux is best at. Anyway, really enjoyed watching these videos. I want to play Populous again.

Also, this is the second video I’ve seen in the past couple of months showcasing an entrepreneur talking about how, when they were younger, they tricked their friends into working for them doing some sort of yard work while they sat back and got all the money. This rubs me the wrong way for some reason. “I’ve just always been much smarter then everyone else, I’m such a great business person and this funny allegory about me being a dick to my friends just proves it! Hahahaha.” I don’t know why this bothers me so much, I wasn’t a victim of anything like this. I sold golf balls lost in the rough back to golfers, but no one employed me to do this.

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Game where you control a full stop. Enemies read you stories you and you have to jump in between words at the right time

Try to imagine a game in which you have an imaginary friend who doesn’t believe you are real, you must convince them that you are.

Fable III Announced

Fable III (3) Announced

Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux announce Fable III this morning at Germany’s Gamescom. This time around, instead of being a hero, players will become the king (or queen) of Albion and rule over the land, choosing to be either a kindhearted ruler or ruthless tyrant. For the first half of the game, players will be working to overthrow the current tyrant king, gaining support from the masses by promising all kinds of great stuff (I’m guessing stuff like free snack machines, tax cuts or universal health care). The second half of the game involves either keeping, or breaking, all those promises.

Molyneux also revealed that Fable II is to be re-released as an episodic, pay-per-chapter title (broken up into five chapters). The new version will be available on September 29. The first chapter is free, and at the end you’ll be given the option to pay to download the next chapter. I don’t know why they would do something like this, way after the fact, seeing as how the full game is relatively cheap now ($34.99 used at Gamestop, probably cheaper on eBay).

Below is a disappointingly short Fable III trailer…

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