Sony’s E3 Conference


– Resistance 2 – Game play trailer, looks very nice. Fighting a GIANT Leviathan guy that’s bigger then most buildings. Showed another level, Twin Falls, Idaho. Giant battleships, all kinds of gigantic bad things, it looks very cool.

– LittleBigPlanet – Used a level in the game to show sales graphs for Sony, basically. Actually it was really cool, I can’t believe how they did it. Seems like you can create anything in the game.

– Export PS3 videos to Youtube. Called Life With Playstation. Available before the end of the month.

– DC Universe Online – Jim Lee talked about the game. Did one-handed push-ups like Jack Palance. Talked about how, as a kid, he just wanted to read comic books and play videos. We all did Jim, we all did. Talked about how you can be a villain and help the Joker get criminals out of prison to attack the bat cave, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

– 80 GB PS3, $399.99.

– Showed a number of games: LittleBigPlanet, Motor Storm Pacific Rift, Metal Gear Solid 4, Quantum of Solace, Socom, Ghostbusters, Soul Caliber IV, Resistance 2, The Agency, Naruto, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero World Tour, NBA 09 The Inside, Buzz! Quiz TV, Killzone 2.

– God of War III. Trailer looked awesome, but it was short.

– inFamous. Basically, I guy gets like force powers in a modern setting.

– Massive Action Game (MAG). Multiplayer game. Battles of 256 players at one time! Broken into 8 player squads, a command system (character growth, basically). Showed a video…prerendered.


– Showed a number of games: NCAA, Tiger Woods, Star Wars Unleashed, Warriors Orochi 2, Singstar Pop 2, Yakuza 2, Madden XX Years, Mercenaries 2.

– New bundle, Lego Batman Bundle, Lego Batman and a Justice League movie.


– Can log in via computer, send messages, see friends.

– Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. $14.99.

– Showed off a bunch of PSN games: Crash Commando, Fat Princess (looked interesting), Eden (looks sweet), Pain Amusement Park, Flower (looks interesting as well), Siren Blood Curse, Ragdoll Kung Fu.

– Gran Turismo TV. Watch real life races, learn about cars.

– Trophies – Achievements, basically.

– Playstation Home – Say it’s worth the wait, basically. Showed a video. Warhawk room, Uncharted room.

– Video delivery. Can download to PS3, then to PSP. Looked pretty nice. Takes an hour to download a two hour movie. Can download or rent the movie for less. Available tonight.


– New entertainment pack. October. Ratchet & Clank Size Matters pack. $199.

– Resistance Retribution – 3rd Person Shooter, looked O.K. Spring 2009.

– Brief videos for: Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Madden 09, Loco Roco 2, NBA 09 The Inside, Super Stardust Portable, Lego Batman, Patapon 2, Buzz! Master Quiz, Valkyria Chronicles


– Buzz to PSP, PS3.

Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Overview

Overall I was extremely disappointed…there really wasn’t anything announced for the Wii and DS that I need to get. Animal Crossing is cool and everything, but it’s not on the same level as a new Mario/Metroid/Zelda/etc. game.

3rd Party Games Wii

– Star Wars The Clone Wars – Use Wiimote like a light saber. Coming sometime in 2008.

– Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party – used balance board as a flying ironing board.

– Call of Duty World at War – use Wiimote like a gun or flamethrower. Lots of things blowing up. “Coming Soon”.

3rd Party Games DS

– Guitar Hero on Tour Decades – On the way this Fall. Share songs between games.

– Spore Creatures – Different then the Spore. Just basically looks like the creature creator, can share creatures with others.

– Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – Coming to DS this winter. Custom game engine, same GTA gameplay.

First party DS

– Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia (sp?) – No real details.

First party Wii

– WiiSports Resort – Uses Wii MotionPlus. Packaged with WiiSports Resort, along with extended sleeve. Knows where your arm is in space. Showed throwing a Frisbee, riding a jet ski and sword fighting. Sword fighting looked pretty cool.

– WiiMusic – Some guy playing drums and sweating a lot. Miyamoto playing a WiiMote like a saxophone. Playing at the same time. You don’t play notes, you don’t have to know how to play a real instrument. All you do is hold the WiiMote and move like your actually playing the instrument and the game does the rest. Playing a song from an F-Zero game. Played a variety of instruments. Drums, use Wii Balance Board. Can record a music video. 4 people playing the Mario song together, look stupid.

– Animal Crossing Town Folk – See here

Technology updates

– For the DS, they talked about using it to find your gate at an airport, didn’t say how exactly. DS can earn a spot in your kitchen, in November there is a game coming out that’s basically a cookbook. Didn’t catch the name.

– For the Wii, Wii MotionPlus. Renders movement better.

– WiiSpeak – Microphone for the Wii. See here