RETRO Game Magazine

I love video game magazines. I also love retro games. Putting the two together and creating a retro gaming magazine might be the best thing, ever. Unfortunately it’s 2013 which means there aren’t a ton of video game magazines left, let alone ones focused on the retro gaming scene. In fact, as far as I know, there’s only one currently, Retro Gamer. It’s great but there two downsides to the magazine:

  • It’s really, really expensive (check out the subscription rate).
  • It’s British so it has a somewhat different retro focus then a U.S. magazine would.

Other than that it’s an excellent magazine, which is why I’m hoping the Kickstarter for RETRO hits it’s goal. The one year subscription is reasonably priced and it’s U.S. based. They’ve also got a great list of contributors to back the magazine, as well. Mike Kennedy, the man behind the Kickstarter, is also a part of the awesome Retro Gaming Roundup where I initially hard about the project. It’s a super long (like, 8 hours or so) monthly retro podcast.

I’m not sure why they chose a trailer filled with literally zero content except pre-rendered mockups and dubstep.

Awesome Radical Retrospective: Arkanoid

Arkanoid was originally an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986 and later ported over to the NES. You control the “Vaus”, a space ship that basically acts as a paddle to bounce a ball against multicolor bricks. Some bricks take more than one hit to destroy and the player can grab upgrades along the way (expand the Vaus, multiple balls, or lasers). Once all the bricks are cleared on the stage, you advance to the next stage. However, if you miss the ball and it goes behind you, you lose a life.
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