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RETRO Game Magazine 0

RETRO Game Magazine

I love video game magazines. I also love retro games. Putting the two together and creating a retro gaming magazine might be the best thing, ever. Unfortunately it’s 2013 which means there aren’t a...

Donkey Kong Country Returns E3 Trailer 6

Donkey Kong Country Returns E3 Trailer

Donkey Kong Country Returns looks great, I love the 2D game play similar to the SNES games. The game features same-screen co-op two player, and it’s being developed by Retro , the same guys...

Awesome Radical Retrospective: Arkanoid 6

Awesome Radical Retrospective: Arkanoid

Arkanoid was originally an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986 and later ported over to the NES. You control the “Vaus”, a space ship that basically acts as a paddle to bounce a...