Team Fortress 2 Adds Crafting


Valve’s WAR! Update Team Fortress 2 will be adding in a new crafting system. Basically, you find blueprints (or otherwise discover, I guess some are “secret”), smelt all your useless duplicates weapons to scrap parts, and use those to make a weapon you actually want! I honestly think it’s a great way to go, my inventory is completely full of useless duplicates. Or was when I stopped playing a while ago.

Anyway, with these constant, free updates to Team Fortress 2, Valve is quickly becoming the most awesome game company. Ever.

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Team Fortress 2 – The War Update

Team Fortress 2 - The War Update

Team Fortress 2’s latest update will add three new weapons for the Demoman and Soldier as well as new maps and achievements. The interesting thing about this update is that either the Demoman or Soldier will get an additional weapon. Users “vote” who should get the weapon by either playing as the Demoman and killing as many Soldiers as possible, or killing Demomen while playing as a Soldier. It’s an interesting concept, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I think I’d rather the Soldier get the additional weapon, not that they’re bad, but I think they would benefit most from additional versatility.

Still no word on when, if ever, the console versions of the game will get these updates.

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