Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition

Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition stuff, for North America. I wonder what the “secret additional downloadable content” will be?

1. The game (duh)
2. A limited-edition (ie., not sold anywhere else) figurine – Ryu in the PS3 box, C. Viper hotness in the 360 flavor. Decisions, decisions…
3. Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind: a 65 minute anime movie — created by Studio 4C — that sets up the story of SFIV by explaining events post-SFII. BluRay disc in the PS3 box! The Xbox version is a 360 game disc that outputs the movie at 720P, not a DVD.
4. A mini-strategy guide from Prima, written by the same people doing the full-on guide and illustrated by Udon Comics
5. CD soundtrack. Rock SFIV stage chunez in your car!
6. …Plus some secret additional downloadable content that we’re not quite ready to reveal at this point. Look for more announcements soon!

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Street Fighter Underground Remix

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix releases today on PlayStation Network and November 26 for Xbox Live Arcade. They’re also releasing a music CD for the game, but it’s not just any old soundtrack, no no. They had a bunch of guys rap about Street Fighter. I always wonder what Red Man mixed with a little Street Fighter would be like. This is the answer. I listened to the whole thing. I have “cause I’m a street fighter. street fighter. street fighter.” stuck in my head now. Thanks a lot, Mistah F.A.B.

What game is the last song sampling from?

Additionally, Capcom’s direct-to-download music album of hip-hop tracks inspired by the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter Underground Remix will go live today and will feature the musical flavor of artists such as DJ Qbert, Hieroglyphics, Redman, Oh No, DJ Toure, Mistah FAB and ZION I. Each artist has produced a Street Fighter tribute track that will be free of charge and exclusive to the PlayStation Network. You can check out the tracks by visiting: