New Spyborgs Video

Capcom has released a new video for Spyborgs, their upcoming beat ’em up for the Wii. The video features Bouncer and Stinger beating up all kinds of stuff.

Spyborgs is Capcom’s hottest new video game thrill ride, combining an extraordinary sci-fi world with action-packed two-player co-op controls. In Spyborgs, gamers play as cybernetically enhanced superheroes who are betrayed by one of their own from the elite Spyborgs Institute. Players must team up to defeat this traitor through more than 35 stages of mind-blowing challenges, packed with epic boss battles and swarms of enemies that only two can defeat.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Gameplay Trailer

Capcom’s released a new Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles trailer for PAX. It looks pretty good and shooting zombies (or giant spiders) never really gets old. I like on-rails shooters, you don’t have to worry about walking around and going the wrong way, you get to focus on the important stuff, just shooting.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Gets New Publisher, Release Date

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Gets New Publisher, Release Date

This morning XSEED announced it would no longer be publishing Muramasa: The Demon Blade in the U.S. I was a bit worried we’d never see it released here, maybe Vanillaware thought it was too hardcore for the U.S. Wii audience…which would suck because not only does the game look amazing, but I’d have a reason to play a game on the Wii again. I was scared, it was a real low point for me. Then Ignition Entertainment came along and made it all better…

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MotoGP for Wii Launches Next Week

Moto GP Wii Out Next Week

Yes, MotoGP for the Wii does indeed launch next week (Tuesday, March 24, 2009).

This will be the first officially licensed MotoGP title ever for the Nintendo Wii platform. MotoGP turns the Wii remote into a virtual set of handlebars to deliver the definitive two-wheeled racing experience. The development team’s overriding aim is to deliver an unparalleled handling model that allows access points for gamers of all skill levels and just as importantly provide a challenge to meet each player’s abilities.

Virtual Console Update – Star Tropics 2, Maboshi, Pool Revolution

This week’s Wii-kly update brings two new WiiWare games and one virtual console game: Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics II, Cue Sports – Pool Revolution, and Maboshi’s Arcade. Cue Sports and Maboshi Arcade are both WiiWare games, and Zoda’s Revenge is a port for the virtual console originally on the NES.

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Dragon Quest X Coming to Wii

Yesterday, at an event in Japan, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest X is coming to the Wii. The event was held to promote their March 28th release of Dragon Quest IX for the DS (side note: Dragon Quest IX is going to cost 5,980 yen there, or roughly $64.73, which is insane). I hope it doesn’t use any sort of motion control at all, Dragon Quest Swords was not awesome.