Cave Story Coming to Wii

Nintendo recently announced their holiday 2008 line-up and, along with a bunch of other stuff, Cave Story was announced as a WiiWare release:

Cave Story: This title is an action-adventure game with new, exclusive content and features created only for the WiiWare version.

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monotagari) is currently a freeware game for the PC that was originally released on December 20, 2004. Developed by Studio Pixel (Studio Pixel is actually just one guy, I guess, Daisuke Amaya), it’s a 2D non-linear platformer somewhat similar to Metroid or the newer Castlevania games. I had not heard about it until now, and since it’s currently free, I decided to try it out since I love the classic Metroid games.

I was honestly amazed, I haven’t played a game that has the same atmosphere as Cave Story since…I don’t know, maybe Shadow of the Colossus. I can’t explain what aspect of the game play made me feel that way, but with everything combined it truly feels like a masterpiece. Doukutsu Monotagari spent five years creating the game, and it shows in all areas.

The first thing that stuck out to me was the music, which is amazing. It reminds me of no game in particular but at the same time still evokes Super Nintendo era feelings. The soundtrack alone just brought back these great memories of games gone by, it was really impressive. I’d almost compare it to Chrono Trigger, maybe…not that the music sounds the same or even similiar, but the level of musical quality. Songs that stick in your head long after you’ve finished playing the game.

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Virtual Console Update – Mega Man 9, Vectorman, and Super Dodge Ball

This weeks Virtual Console and WiiWare update is a good one, with three great games coming out. Vectorman, in particular, was one of my favorites on the Genesis. It’s also the main reason I don’t feel bad littering:

In 2049, the human population of Earth embarks on a migratory voyage to try and colonize other planets. They leave mechanical “orbots” to clean up the mess they made on Earth through littering and pollution. Raster, a high-level orbot who watches Earth through a planetwide computer network, is accidentally attached to a working nuclear missile by a lesser orbot and goes insane, becoming an evil dictator named Warhead. He declares himself ruler of Earth, and begins preparing to execute any humans who dare return to their planet.

Enter Vectorman, a humble orbot in charge of cleaning up toxic sludge by simply discharging it into the sun. As he lands on Earth after his last trip, he finds chaos and confusion. Because all the other Orbots are controlled by Warhead (Vectorman having not been affected because he was away), Vectorman takes it upon himself to destroy the errant orbot and restore peace to Earth.

The robots will clean up our mess while we’re living it up on Mars. Also, Super Dodge Ball was always a fun game to play…I don’t particularly remember why, I just remember always enjoying it.

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Mega Man 9

Capcom’s decided to go back to the old NES style graphics in their latest Mega Man game. Honestly, I think it’s a good idea. I pretty much didn’t like or play any of the Mega Man games after the NES/SNES ones, the series just wasn’t doing it for me. This, however, I certainly will pick up. I mean, look at the bosses you’ll be facing:

Galaxy Man: level consists of portals that fling Mega Man all around the level, maintaining his momentum with each fling (a lot like Portal, actually), plus enemies that divide into multiple copies of themselves.

Plug Man: home to the required “disappearing block” puzzle

Jewel Man: there are swings here that you have to move with built-up momentum – we had to try it several times before we could make the jumps

Splash Woman: yes, a woman robot master. Level features a hovering bubble puzzle we saw in Mega Man 5. One of the masters designed by Inafune himself

Splash woman! I guess we have girl bosses now. What is the world coming to.

[ via Games Radar ]

WiiWare Launches Today

WiiWare Launches

WiiWare, the Wii servies offering downloadable games and applications specifically designed and developed for the Wii, launched today. The games vary in price, from just 500 Wii Points to 1500 Wii Points. The six games available are:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King for 1500 Wii Points
LostWinds for 1000 Wii Points
Defend Your Castle for 500 Wii Points
Pop for 700 Wii Points
VIP Casino Blackjack for 700 Wii Points
TV Show King for 1000 Wii Points

The whole press release is below…
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