Fable 2 – Co-op

Fable 2 Online Co-op Announced

Peter Molyneux announced two new features for Fable 2 this week at the GDC. This first and most radical is co-op play. At any time you can jump into a friends single player game, play for awhile, and leave, keeping all the items and experience you get. I love co-op play and games, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me, I really want this game now.

The other feature is eh, whatever…a few weeks prior to the release of Fable 2, Lionhead will release a XBLA game. This game will feature all sorts of gambling mini games.All the money you earn in the games can then be transfered over to your character in Fable 2 once it’s released. Apparently the only way you can earn money in the game is to either work for it, or win it by gambling. I mean, I guess that makes sense right, because yeah why do monsters have gold on them or whatever, but just because it’s more realistic does that make it more fun? I have no clue.

I also found a Fable 2 facts sheet on the Xbox press site, which you can view below…
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