According to Silent Hill Sound Design, Wii Owners Not Hardcore



No Wii owners are hardcore. Yeah, that’s right. Well maybe not, but that’s what Akira Yamaoka thinks, anyway. Anyone who owns a Wii just isn’t hardcore enough to enjoy a Silent Hill game. Not awesome, Silent Hill guy. Not radical, either. All the Wii owners hate you now.

Lucky for me I don’t own a Wii, yet, so I’m still hardcore. Here’s the quote:

AY: We’re making Silent Hill 5 for next-gen consoles. Are there any other platforms besides that? [laughter]

WN: There’s the Wii.

AY: Ah, the Wii. Wiiiiiiiiii… Silent Hill Wii. Can we do it? Will players like it?

WN: Yeah! There’s a lot of potential there, using the remote as a flashlight, or a knife…

AY: Yeah, there’s potential.

WN: But no plans.

AY: No plans. The Wii user isn’t a hardcore user.

Ouch, sick burn man. I guess that makes sense, right…don’t release a game on the highest selling system because you’ve arbitrarily decided everyone that owns the system isn’t hardcore. I blame the misconception on the ads where old people are playing the Wii. I mean seriously.





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