Etrian Odyssey 2! F-O-E!



The video above is only funny if you played the game, and won’t make sense if you didn’t. Well, it’s funny either way. I have no idea what it’s saying, honestly, I just found it when I searched for videos of the game. If it doesn’t make you want to play the original, I don’t know what will.

Etrian Odyssey was totally rad. In case you’re not one of the 30,000 or so people who bought the game, Etrian Odyssey is a first-person dungeon crawl RPG. The game was pretty hard, and you had to draw your own map, but the graphics and music were awesome.

I never finished the game, of course, but that is besides the point. I did play it for many, many hours, and got very near the end. It had an old school feel to it, and you got to name your own characters. I named one “Ass” of course, and giggled every time I read the name. I also named one guy “Mr. Panzo” as is tradition, and one “Gmoney” and one “Robert”, but I’m totally off topic now.

The point is, I was reading a post here and it appears the latest Famitsu magazine has confirmed a sequel. It’s Japanese name is ‘Sekaiju no Meikyu 2 – The Royal Grail’. Whatever.

Etrian Odyssey






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