Rumored New Castlevania DS Screenshots



New Castlevania DS screenshots

New Castlevania DS screenshots have surfaced, possibly showing a follow-up to Iga’s most recent Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It looks like this newest Castlevania might have a female protagonist. What’s even more interesting is on the title screen there is a Wii menu item, indicating some sort of Wii connectivity. Does this mean their is a Wii Castlevania game in the works and that this DS game somehow connects with it? Or does it have something to do with WiiWare?

Also, it seems from the screen shots, that the anime style art from the previous two DS games is gone, something I couldn’t be happier with. Those last two games just didn’t seem right with the change in graphics. I still played them, sure, I just like the older style much more. All the pictures are shown below (click for larger image):

Full Size Rumored Castlevania DS Screenshots


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