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Etrian Odyssey II Contest

A few weeks ago there was an Etrian Odyssey II contest where you could win the games imported 3-disc soundtrack. That was pretty awesome, but not quite awesome enough. Now there’s another, better, more radical contest. Basically, you write a blog entry on about “your most memorable experience associated with the series.” Like, basically it would be something like this.

Etrian Odyssey was totally awesome. I made a party and named them after my friends. It was fun. Until that first FOE kicked my ass. Then…not so much fun.

Then, if it’s really good, you could win…

  • A SIGNED copy of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
  • A SIGNED copy of the official 3-CD soundtrack (Import)
  • A 6.5″ Female Protector figurine (Import)
  • A copy of the rare Japan-only preorder bonus soundtrack CD
  • A copy of the orchestrated Super Arrange soundtrack CD (Import)

…which is really, really nice actually. More information below:


Entering the contest is easy: just make a community blog titled “Tales of Etrian Odyssey” on detailing your most memorable experience associated with the series. Maybe it was a narrow escape from a fight with two FOEs, or something about your favorite created character. Maybe it’s about your party getting slaughtered (and your first death in the dungeons) when you happened to pick the game up after a few weeks of inactivity only to find out you missed a critical warning about NOT trying to take on the Wyvern in the second stratum. Just an example. *eyes dart nervously*






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