The Last Guy

The Last Guy

The Last Guy is a PSN game released yesterday in Japan, and soon to be released in the U.S. In the game you control The Last Guy and rescue citizens in a town overrun by giant insects and monsters. The cities are actually high-res satellite images from Google, which is kind of cool. As it turns out, The Last Guy isn’t the last guy, because he has to save all these other guys.

Anyway, all that doesn’t matter. What does matter is you can go here and play a flash version of the game for free. The cool part is, instead of a high-res Google map image, the game “map” can be any website you want to enter. It will blow your mind, because you’ll be playing the game on this post. It automatically generates walls based on the color differences on the page. It’s kind of hard to explain, just try it. The music is totally awesome, too. And The Last Guy appears to wear a red cape.

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