BattleForge Community Update 01/29/09‏



In the latest BattleForge (an upcoming PC card based RTS by EA Phenomic) community update a new card is revealed, Ice Guardian, and a free desktop wallpaper.

With the northern hemisphere locked into the dead of winter, the weekly Card Reveal has decided to go with the flow, and bring out two cards from the Frost power. For your frozen enjoyment, we present the Ice Guardian and the Tempest.

The Ice Guardian will help keep your army a bit Frostier. It boasts a Frost Ward functionality that puts up an icy barrier that can absorb up to 520 damage. The Ice Guardian requires only one orb to be played, but will deteriorate if it is too remote from the nearest friendly structure. The Tempest is an Elemental Archer which requires one orb to play. The Tempest has a Whirlwind function which fires icy shards twice per second, each dealing 34 damage in a 5 meter radius. However, to use the Whirlwind, you must activate its Frozen Wrath, which immobilize the Tempest.

You can check out all the cards in our Card Reveal Section.

Also this week, the power of Frost returns to for our Wallpaper of the week. With this week’s wallpaper, Shield Building, you can cast the safety of Frost over your desktop world. The defensive spell enables you to entrench your buildings behind a strong, icy shield. You need three orbs to cast the spell, but of course, you can get the wallpaper for free.






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