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The latest BattleForge community update featured a chat with developer Martin Löhlein.

***BattleForge Community Update*** 02/02/2009***DEV-CHAT LOG from 29.01.2009***

On 29.01, we held a BattleForge developer chat with Martin Löhlein. The chat was a hit; we got lots of great question concerning different aspects of BattleForge. Martin answered questions big and small, and even assessed his own BattleForge skills.

The following is a short excerpt:

ShinKyo asks: Will there be a possibility to win BattleForge points in-game?

MartinLoehlein: We are starting already with the most exciting question :) – For now the system is going to remain how it is. We are discussing multiple possibilities, how extra gold or cards could be utilized. There are also issues regarding taxation and gambling, which vary greatly from country to country, that we have to take into account. But like I said, for now, the system is going to stay like it is.

Vipeer asks: After the release, are there any add-ons or additional themes planned?
MartinLoehlein: We are already working on additional cards. Though at the moment, our focus is on the balancing of the first edition, although we are already working on things for post-release. Already in the first month after the release, there will be (free) new maps and features.

Vipeer asks: Was there specific graphic engine written for the game, or was the Spell Force engine used?

MartinLoehlein: Actually it is a completely new engine (you can see that from the performance :)) You notice the ground textures…. or the animation… or the effects. … Have you guys noticed how characters will look around at interesting things? Or how the animation changes according to the direction from which an attack comes (haha, I am a fan of our engine).


A lot of hot topics within the community were touched on, so it would definitely be worth your while to check out the whole transcript. A quick note – This chat was conducted in German. We plan on doing a chat for the international community in English in the near future, so stay tuned!






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