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The Weekly Card Reveal Catches Fire

The weekly card reveal returned with a sizzle, as we revealed two more cards from the Fire deck. Out of the flames come the Giant Slayer and the Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragon is a gnarly beast that rains fiery death from above. Requiring four orbs to summon, this Dragonkin Dominator exhales a stream of flames every two seconds, dealing 350 damage to hostile forces within a 35m radius. The Fire Dragon has a Rage functionality which does increasingly more damage to an enemy the longer the attack is sustained.

Also bringing the heat this week is the Giant Slayer. This Human Dominator charges quickly at his enemies and reduces them to a crawl for 10 seconds. He also likes to tangle with the big boys – inflicting 85% more damage on large and extra large enemies. The Giant Slayer also features a Harmstring Rage, causing more damage the longer it attacks a target. The Giant Slayer requires three orbs to summon.

You can check out these cards, among others, in our Card Reveal Section!





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