Atlus Includes Soundtrack With The Dark Spire



The Dark Spire Soundtrack Included

Atlus is including a soundtrack with every copy of their upcoming DS dungeon crawler The Dark Spire, and you can preview some of the tracks here.

Atlus spoils The Dark Spire™

So this Atlus Spoils thing, where we add bonus goodies to our games, might be getting out of hand. But before we restrain ourselves, it looks like another game is getting some love. The Dark Spire, everyone’s favorite upcoming DS dungeon-crawler with old school Western RPG stylings, is getting the boxed treatment:

Now, folks who pick up a launch copy will get the games soundtrack as an added bonus, free of charge. And this is a rather awesome soundtrack, Faithful. Haunting, moody, brooding… These are all adjectives. And they have something in common with each other because they all apply to this game’s great musical score.

The game’s two modes–contemporary and retro–actually have music and sounds appropriate for the aesthetic, and the soundtrack CD features both kinds of music. 24 tracks, to be precise.

“Our census data indicates that given the choice between only a game, and a better-packaged game with a free bonus soundtrack, a significant number of our fans seem to prefer getting free extras,” analyzed Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales. “We don’t want to rush to any conclusions here, but it seems possible that people enjoy free bonus things along with their games. Hopefully, we’re actually reading the data correctly this time, unlike that study on whether or not our fans enjoyed bonus live scorpions with their games. We really blew it on that one, and we apologize to those affected.”

Everyone loves a good “upgrayedd,” right, Faithful?






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