Sony Drops UMD Transfer Program For PSPGo




Sony has gone on the record and stated that the UMD conversion program for the PSP Go has been scrapped. Kotaku asked a Sony spokesman about the program:

“We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time.”

The PSPgo has no UMD drive, instead selling games through the online store. Users download and install games onto the PSPGo’s hard drive or removable memory. The system is going to retail for $250.

I don’t get two things:

a) Why wouldn’t they give the system a new name, so as not to confuse people into thinking that PSP games will work on the PSPGo. That will confuse people, not everyone reads video game websites and knows the games won’t work on the system. It’s like buying a DS game, but it won’t work on the DSi…it makes no sense.

b) Why would anyone “upgrade” to the PSPGo, losing the ability to play their current collection of PSP games? And it’s $250! The PSP-3000 is $169…why would you pay $80 MORE to not play any of the games you own? I can’t really think of this happening any other time in the handheld market…yes, the DSi no longer plays GBA games, but the GBA is a dead system, it’s not the same comparison. It would be like if Nintendo made the DSi unable to play DS games, which isn’t the case, because apparently Nintendo is smart enough to realize doing something like that would be a colossal mistake. Sony seems intent on screwing themselves over.

I understand there might be legal reasons as to why they couldn’t do it…but at the very least I wouldn’t put “PSP” in the handhelds name if it can’t play the games.





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