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I’m not sure what the “match 3 genre” is, but whatever, I like fish. The whole press release, below.

Lublin, Poland — 14.06.2010 — Game developer and publisher iFun4all,
infamous creators of Crap of Defense, presents Match Fish for iPhone —
first reflex oriented match 3 game.

“We felt that match 3 genre was in need to be made a little bit more
dynamic and that the genre was stagnating” says Fülöp Mészáros, lead
designer of Match Fish. “That’s why we’ve added elements of arcade game
– variety the games play” he adds.

Match Fish refreshes genre by combining puzzle elements with reflex
based segments. Match Fish allows the player to control the flowing
fishes of different colors and steer them into playing field, where
normal finding matching colors gameplay takes place.

Currently game features:

a) 24 levels
b) Survival mode
c) Three different medals to be achieved by completing each level
d) Three levels of difficulty
e) Trophy to unlock by collecting all gold medals

“We also plan to introduce updates which will allow gamers to control
the game in different ways” says game producer Laszlo Kovács. “For
example we want to use blowing into microphone for steering fishes”

Additionally, upcoming integration with systems like Open Feint and Game
Center will allow users to create score lists. “We believe that social
networking and competing between the players will raise the popularity
of the game” – Fülöp ends.

iFun4all now accepts requests for promo codes.

Match Fish is available now in the App Store at $2,99 price point.

Gameplay video:
App Store link:


About Match Fish

Match Fish is the first match 3 type combining arcade and puzzle game
with beautiful vivid graphics that introduces fish. Match the same color
of fishes and gain points. Great accessibility makes it something both
for kids and adults.

About iFun4all

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Lublin, Poland, iFun4All is a
VC-backed games developer and publisher committed to bring high-quality
games exclusively to the iPhone™ and iPod touch.

All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.


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