I Feel Like Super Nintendo Games Are Just Getting More Expensive



My dream is to some day own Star Fox: Super Weekend but, at prices like these, that’s just never going to happen. I can accept that, it’s actually rare. But why is Earthbound now going for an average of about $150? Why are you so expensive, Mega Max X3? Chrono Trigger, available on I don’t know how many systems now, for over a $100 (around $50 cartridge alone) seems crazy to me. They’re all not technically rare, why do prices keep going up, especially considering some of them are available on other systems?

I really regret selling a lot of what I had, I’d make a ton of money now.

There are a bunch of bootleg games that are going for pretty good prices, too. Where did “The Legend Of Zelda Parallel Worlds” come from? I need to figure out how to do this and get rich, quick, because it can’t be that difficult.


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