I’m Too Young to Die



I'm Too Young To Die

It’s a book about first-person shooters! I’m really into the idea, especially since it’s focusing on the 90s era. The book still has a TBD release date, but can’t wait to see more. According to the Video Game Library, the book will provide “An in-depth look at the early years of one of the most prominent genres in video games. I’m Too Young To Die from Stuart Maine showcases the biggest (and some of the most obscure) First Person Shooters to grace our PCs, Consoles and Arcades.”

The most obscure one I played was probably Heretic (it’s not obscure at all), so curious to see more of these titles!

More info can be found here: https://www.thevideogamelibrary.org/book/i-m-too-young-to-die-the-ultimate-guide-to-first-person-shooters-1992-2002

Doom difficulty settings.
Doom difficulty settings.


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