Risk of Rain Returns Coming 2023



Risk Of Rain Returns, a remaster of the 2013 2D roguelike Risk of Rain, was announced today with new pixel art, new survivors, and new enemies. Players select a character and have to survive on an alien planet as waves of enemies attack. Hopoo Games has said that the game has been completely overhauled and now includes new survivors, abilities, items, enemies, stage variants, and updated multiplayer. The move to a new codebase will enable previously impossible features and is fully integrated with Steam for easier play.

Risk Of Rain 2 jumped to 3D, but Risk Of Rain Returns is unsurprisingly returning to a 2D format. Fans of the game that felt the third dimension was an unnecessary complication will be pleased. Hopoo Games and Gearbox are aiming to release sometime in 2023, and for now, players can find screenshots on Steam.

Risk Of Rain was originally a beloved roguelike from nine years ago, and now it is being remastered. With new content and updated multiplayer, it is sure to make a welcome addition to the series when it releases in 2023.

Risk of Rain Returns will be available on the Nintendo Switch and on PC through Steam.






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