Bleak Sword DX Demo Out



In 2019, Devolver Digital released Bleak Sword, an Apple Arcade exclusive mobile game that demonstrated how unique and impressive mobile games can be. But now this title is being released on other platforms such as the Switch and PC, and it isn’t alone in its move away from mobile. Bleak Sword DX includes all of the original content, plus new features and level layouts. It also boasts three new modes: DX, Randomizer, and Boss Rush. Players can expect to put their skills to the test with this enhanced version of the game.

Steam Next Fest has made a playable demo for Bleak Sword DX accessible to everyone, and the full version of the game is set to arrive later this year. With the original Curse of the Bleak Sword game as a foundation, Devolver Digital aims to astonish players with the improvements offered in the DX edition. Whether you’re playing on Apple Arcade, the Switch, or the PC, Bleak Sword DX is sure to provide an engrossing, daring monochrome fantasy experience.


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