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I wanted to make a quick guide to recruiting Cressida. As a first-time Tactics Ogre player, and with the changes in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, I found the information available a little inconsistent. Hope this helps someone, and let me know if I missed anything.


There are three requirements to getting Cressida:

  • She can only be recruited in Tactics Ogre: Reborn’s Chaos Route
  • You’ve started chapter 4 (after the events at Brigantys Castle, which is the very start of the chapter)
  • Your Galgastani Chaos Frame is 50 or higher

That’s it! However, the “Galgastani Chaos Frame must be 50 or higher” thing is tricky. The game won’t explain the mechanic; Chaos Frame only appears as something that can be viewed after you’ve finished the game.

Chaos Frame

Chaos Frame is how the game gauges how much each clan in Tactics Ogre: Reborn feels about you. It includes the Walister, Galgastan, and Bakram clans. It’s a numeric score from 0 (really hates you) to 100 (really really likes you). In fact, if it gets too low, the unit will randomly desert you in battle.

You won’t be able to directly see the numeric value on your first playthrough. However, there’s a workaround. If you hover over the unit’s name, it will say something like, “More often than not, this unit speaks in support of your decisions”. The phrases vary based on how high their clan’s Chaos Frame is, as well as their alignment. I found this GameFAQs thread to be a good explanation.

The problem with the phrases is they don’t change between 41 – 60, and you need 51. So a Galgastani unit could say, “More often than not, this unit speaks in support of your decisions,” but your Chaos Frame is only 41. You need to jump up to the next tier (61 – 80) to be sure. So you’re looking for:

  • Lawful: This unit often speaks on your behalf to win others to your side.
  • Neutral: This unit looks favorably on your decisions and shares an understanding with you.
  • Chaotic: This unit is prepared to put aside its own interests in service of your cause.

Cool, great. “How do I increase my Chaos Frame with the Galgastani” is probably what you’re asking now. Well, let’s jump into the Death March.

Galgastani Death March

Here’s the basic premise:

  • When one of your units is incapacitated on the battlefield, you gain ~0.1 Chaos Frame with that unit’s clan (it seems to vary slightly)
  • Hire ~10 Galgastani units
  • Jump into a training battle with those ten units (at level 1) and 2 of your stronger units with the most AOE
  • Start the battle, and have your two strong units incapacitate the 10 Galgastani
  • Retreat and repeat for about an hour
  • Hire a new Galgastani unit and check their Chaos Frame

Simple! Each battle is 1 Chaos Frame, so I’d recommend checking after an hour, then every half hour after that.


  • Do this as soon as you can. Your Chaos Frame with the Galgastani decreases as you defeat more Galgastani enemies, so it makes the most sense to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to grind longer
  • Practice battles do count
  • I tried auto-battle with 11 level one Galgastani and one high-level character, but manual and killing your own team is faster


Once you’re sure about your Chaos Frame, do the following:

  • Check the Warren Report for the entry “The Balmamusa Dead” and read it
  • Head to Balmamusa
  • Resurrect Oelias before three turns pass
    • I’d recommend sending Canopus to save her with a Blessing Stone
    • She will immediately use a Shift Stone
  • Head to Qadriga Fortress for another battle
    • No one needs saving in this battle
    • I’d recommend trying to focus Dievold down as quickly as possible
  • Head to Golyat for the final fight in this series
    • Resurrect Cressida before three turns pass
    • Keep her HP up, don’t let her go down after resurrecting her
    • This fight can be fairly tough
    • Nybeth isn’t the only target; you need to defeat all enemy units
  • You’ll get a dialog choice as long as your Chaos Frame is high enough. Say, “You will not be judged by me”

That’s it! You’ve recruited Cressida, and it only took a few short hours of tedium.



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