Square Enix Producer Reveals FF Tactics Team Working on Secret Project



In an interview with Final Fantasy website FFWorld and other Final Fantasy-focused websites, Square Enix producer Ichirō Hazama gave some interesting insights into character representation in games Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Specifically, the team was asked why some characters from Final Fantasy Tactics were absent, receiving the following response.

Both Theatrhythm and Opera Omnia are games that cover the entrie series, including the characters and their stories, but we do not want to create our own interpretation of Final Fantasy. To that end, we go to the people who are responsible for each individual title within the series. For example, if we are discussing Final Fantasy VII, we go to ask Mr. Nomura. If it’s related to Final Fantasy Tactics, we will talk with the team that manages Tactics. For each character, we discuss their combat skills and how they are represented with the people who are in charge of each game. 

In truth, the team that handles Final Fantasy Tactics is extremely busy with another project at the moment, and I think that is why there are not more Tactics characters in the game. All that said, I can assure you that [Opera Omnia producer] Mr. Fujiwara is eager to include characters from Tactics.

– Ichirō Hazama

Hazama clarified that both Theatrhythm and Opera Omnia draw from the entire series, but they go to the people in charge of each individual title to accurately represent the characters and their stories. Currently, the team responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics is hard at work with another project, explaining their absence in the two games. However, producer Mr. Fujiwara is eager to include Tactics characters in Opera Omnia.

The ‘Tactics Team’ may refer to the group behind Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Dungeon Encounters, and the recently-released Tactics Ogre Reborn. There has not been any news of an official sequel in the Tactics line. Although there is no confirmation yet, fans of Tactics can hope for some new characters to join the line-up in the near future.


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