Metroid Fusion Coming to Switch Online March 9



Metroid Fusion will be coming to the Switch Online Expansion Pack next week, on March 9th.

Originally released on the Gameboy Advance in 2002, the GBA was one of Nintendo’s most beloved handheld consoles. Millions of players around the world played on the GBA, and many considered it to be the natural successor of the Super Nintendo (SNES). With its great library of must-have titles across every genre, one of the most frequently mentioned additions to the system’s catalog was Metroid Fusion. This title took the beloved Metroid series and moved it in a slightly different, almost horror, direction. Metroid Fusion was also released on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2014.

Players of the GBA will be excited to know that they can now play the definitive version of Metroid Fusion on the Switch. The game has all the classic gameplay elements of its predecessors, with a few new twists and a horror-inspired atmosphere. Players can look forward to more agility with Samus and a streamlined experience overall. This will be a great way to relive the GBA days or experience the unique atmosphere of Metroid Fusion for the first time.


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