A24, the studio behind Hereditary, is creating a Death Stranding movie that promises to be more than a “direct translation”



The forthcoming film adaptation of Norman Reedus Walking Simulator, also known as Death Stranding, is being produced by art-house studio A24. The motion picture will be based on the inaugural release from respected game designer Hideo Kojima’s post-Konami studio, Kojima Productions. It features Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Porter Bridges, traversing a landscape resembling Iceland, interacting with an impressive roster of Hollywood talent along his journey.

The film will not be a straightforward adaptation of the game, as Kojima has previously stated his distaste for simple video game-to-movie adaptations. Instead, the film is aiming to offer something new, harnessing the unique storytelling capabilities of cinema. The aim is to draw audiences both from the game’s fanbase and from cinema lovers more broadly. Kojima is investing in creating a fresh, cinematic Death Stranding universe.

While the film explores the catastrophic event of the haunting video game, Kojima has his hands full with various other ventures. He is currently developing a sequel to Death Stranding, working on a new horror game, OD, and occasionally grabbing Instagram photos with Hollywood stars. Despite all these projects, the anticipation for the Death Stranding film adaptation is undoubtedly growing.


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