Nihon Falcom plans to “ultimately” bring Trails in the Sky to contemporary platforms



Nihon Falcom recently announced the latest installment of The Legend of Heroes series in Japan, while also revealing plans to re-release The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for newer gaming platforms, although specifics are yet to be detailed. The information emerged during a Q&A session at an investors’ meeting, where President Toshihiro Kondo acknowledged the unavailability of Trails in the Sky on modern console platforms. Every other title in the series is available on PlayStation 4 or 5 and, apart from the latest arc, also on Nintendo Switch. Kondo confirmed Falcom’s intention to make Trails in the Sky accessible again on contemporary platforms due to its popularity, while stating the company considers it the ideal introduction to the series for new players.

During the discussion, Kondo addressed an inquiry about Falcom’s past games, specifically the Trails in the Sky trilogy. He clarified that although the trilogy can be played on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, the company is actively exploring options for developing a version suited to current console hardware. Showing a commitment towards the fans, Kondo revealed that the company has been noticing a strong demand, both locally and internationally, for the game, thus working towards making it available again soon.

Previously, Falcom expressed interest in releasing Trails in the Sky and Trails through Daybreak on Switch. In fact, the company is set to release a Switch version of Trails through Daybreak next year in Japan. Although no details have been announced for the re-release of the Trails in the Sky trilogy, Falcom is evidently serious about making the game more accessible in the future and will hopefully extend the re-release to the Western market.


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